Neo Software features and benefits

Simplify how you run your practice

Complete common tasks up to 5X faster with intuitive software designed for ease of use.1

Access data from anywhere via the cloud

Review practice information on any internet-connected device, anywhere.

Enjoy built-in training and dedicated support

Get started quickly with easy data conversion, built-in training tools, and a dedicated team.

Simple, intuitive features that make a difference for veterinary teams

Neo software practice dashboard

Practice dashboard​

See the big picture of daily activity in your practice.​
  • Business snapshot provides a digestible overview of overdue invoices, reminders due, draft invoices, and remaining appointments
  • Customizable dashboard adjusts based on preferences and needs
  • Task list provides an overview of daily callbacks and diagnostic results
  • Power search saves time by letting you quickly find a client or patient from anywhere in the Neo system

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Patient workflow

Stay on top of patient care from any device, anywhere.​
  • One-click access to complete patient history, preformatted examination notes, master diagnosis list, and low/high estimates
  • Customizable procedure templates to save your staff time and standardize care protocols in the practice
  • Integrated diagnostics ordering for IDEXX and ANTECH from anywhere in your practice with real-time results
  • Electronic signature capture for simplified client procedure approval

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Neo Software patient workflow screen.

Neo Software scheduling screen.

Simplified scheduling​

Helping you manage an ever-moving target: the appointment schedule.
  • View and confirm appointments in the schedule
  • Start the estimate or invoice directly from the appointment to provide clear visit status to all staff
  • Send customizable SMS reminders with the click of a button
  • Utilize the fully customizable boarding module for streamlined booking management
  • Simplify booking and manage client requests with the integrated Neo Patient Portal

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Client communications​

Client relationships matter. These simple tools help you optimize every interaction.
  • Built-in tools that enable your team to engage clients between visits
  • Templatized discharge instructions for faster, easier checkout
  • Callback scheduling for streamlined time management
  • One click to email clients from the consultation with estimates, invoices, consent forms, discharge instructions and educational materials
  • Automated email reminders to help save your staff valuable time

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Neo Software communications screens on mobile and desktop.

Neo Software reporting screen.

Flexible reporting​

Even your practice needs a check-up. Review performance with one click.
  • Analyze key performance indicators for your practice based on veterinary industry benchmark metrics, including total sales, payments provided, and provider production
  • Create purchase order and track practice inventory
  • Filter quickly with visualization directly in Neo with the ability to export data

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See the brilliant simplicity of Neo Software for yourself.


1. Data on file at IDEXX Laboratories, Inc. Westbrook, Maine USA.