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Frequently asked questions

Your IDEXX online account is now your MyIDEXX account. You can sign in once and access IDEXX Learning Center, IDEXX Online Orders, and IDEXX Points. You can register for courses, manage your training history, order products, and track your IDEXX Points balance--all without signing in again.

Your profile will save you time and improve the security and convenience of your online experience. Because everyone you work with will have their own personal profile, your educational history, CE credits and preferences will stay with you wherever you go.

Assigning a business administrator is another way to increase security for your business. Administrators have the ability to view information like billing statements and programs your business participates in. Administrators can also add or remove staff from your business's account and manage their staff's access to IDEXX services.

Your MyIDEXX account will allow you the ability to sign in once and navigate quickly and easily between the IDEXX Learning Center, IDEXX Online Orders, and IDEXX Points.

Not yet. Continue to use your current VetConnect PLUS sign-in credentials until further notice. We are working on including this service in the future and will let you know when that's complete.

Using your email address instead of a username makes it easier for you to remember your sign-in credentials. If you ever forget your sign-in, simply click "I forgot my passphrase" on the sign in screen and enter your email address. Then follow the process by clicking the link in your email and creating a new passphrase. It's also more secure--only you have access to your email account and preferences.

You may receive emails related to your IDEXX online orders, courses available at the IDEXX Learning Center, or news about new IDEXX products and promotions. Every email you receive gives you the option to update your email preferences or to unsubscribe. See our privacy policy for more information.

A passphrase is like a password, but it's more secure. Your passphrase can be anything you want it to be as long as it has at least 12 characters, including spaces. Create a passphrase that's personal to you and easy for you to remember. It could be something as simple as MyDogHasWhiteFeet.

Everyone in your practice/business is busy, and chances are, you all have unique needs. Personal profiles help your business administrator manage access to IDEXX services for all staff members. This ensures that ordering and billing information is limited to those that may need to see it; and everyone has access to their own continuing education credits.

Your business relationship helps us provide you with secure access to relevant IDEXX services, including: contact information for your IDEXX account representative and documents related to analyzers your business owns.

You can find your account number on any statement or invoice from IDEXX. Here is an example of where the account number is located on paperwork: