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Companion animal consults
Radiographs Only

A radiologist provides a detailed written interpretation of radiographs in conjunction with patient medical history.

Ultrasounds Only

A radiologist provides a detailed written interpretation of abdominal ultrasound in conjunction with patient medical history.

Radiographs and Ultrasounds

A radiologist provides a detailed written interpretation of radiographs and ultrasounds in conjunction with patient medical history.

Advanced imaging consults

A radiologist provides a detailed written interpretation of MRI or CT in conjunction with patient medical history.

Equine consults

Radiology Consult

A radiologist provides a detailed written interpretation of radiographs in conjunction with patient medical history. Prepurchase examinations are also available.

Featured Radiologist

Matthew Lemon, DVM, DACVR

Dr. Lemon grew up on Prince Edward Island, Canada and received his undergraduate and veterinary degrees from the University of Prince Edward Island. Following a small animal rotating internship at a private referral hospital in Toronto, he continued on to a residency in diagnostic imaging at Michigan State University and became board-certified by the American College of Veterinary Radiology in 2015. Dr. Lemon then spent two years working in a teleradiology and mobile ultrasound practice in Seattle, Washington before joining the IDEXX telemedicine team. Now based in Portland, Maine, Dr. Lemon and his family enjoy the outdoors, hiking, skiing, SCUBA diving, sailing and seeing live music on time off.​.

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Cardiac consults

A cardiologist provides a detailed written assessment of a radiograph/echocardiogram/ECG in conjunction with patient medical history. The report provides diagnostic and therapeutic recommendations.

Cardiac screens

Brief assessments of ECGs without therapeutic recommendations.

Preanesthetic ECGs

Brief assessment of the patient’s cardiac risk of sedation or anesthesia

Wellness ECGs 

Brief assessment of patient ECG on routine visit

Equine/Large-animal consults

This service is designed for equine, bovine and llama ECGs. Indications for this service include suspected arrhythmia and insurance and prepurchase examinations. Your report typically provides detailed rate and rhythm diagnosis, identification of potential problems and diagnostic and therapeutic recommendations (subject to specialist availability).

Featured Cardiologist

Allison Adams, DVM, DACVIM

Dr Adams received her DVM from the University of Tennessee in 2004. She completed a rotating internship in 2005 at the University of Pennsylvania and her cardiology residency in 2008 at North Carolina State University. She began her career in a private specialty practice in Charleston, South Carolina, where she enjoyed life on the beach with a fishing pole in hand. But 2 years of sand, salt and the occasional flounder couldn’t hold Dr Adams back from her professional pursuits, and she headed west. It wasn’t only the cooler temperatures and low humidity of Colorado that excited Dr Adams. The real draw was joining the cardiology department at Colorado State University and then, in 2010, joining IDEXX as the manager of cardiology for IDEXX Telemedicine Consultants. She now spends her professional time advancing the IDEXX cardiology business and her free time hiking, skiing, cooking, fishing and spending time with her toy poodle, Junior.

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Specialty Services

Dental consults

A dentist provides a detailed written interpretation of dental radiographs and/or pictures in conjunction with patient medical history.

Exotic consults

This service is designed for all exotic species of mammals, reptiles, birds and fish, including exotic pet, wildlife and zoo/aquatic cases. A zoological medicine specialist provides a detailed written interpretation of radiographs, ultrasounds, endoscopy, clinical pathology and pathology in conjunction with patient medical history.

Internist consults

An internist provides a detailed written treatment plan based on patient medical history, lab work and radiologist's interpretation.

Dermatology consults

A dermatologist provides a detailed written interpretation based on pathology report and/or photos in conjunction with patient medical history.

Featured Specialist

Stephen J. Divers, BVetMed, DZooMed, DECZM (Herp), DACZM, FRCVS

Dr Divers graduated from the Royal Veterinary College in London in 1994 and earned his degree in zoological medicine from the Royal College of Veterinary Surgeons (RCVS). He is a diplomate of both the American and European Colleges of Zoological Medicine, a European Veterinary Specialist in Zoological Medicine (zoo health management) and an international Fulbright specialist in zoological medicine. He was voted Exotic DVM of the Year in 2006. He heads the Zoological Medicine Service and supervises the ACZM zoological residency programme at the College of Veterinary Medicine, University of Georgia, and has published and lectured extensively on exotic medicine.

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CardioPet ECG Device

Consulting with a cardiologist helps you identify cardiac disease and assists you with treatment plans and follow-up recommendations.

The new CardioPet ECG Device lets you seamlessly:

  • Capture an ECG using 6 leads simultaneously for the best diagnostic information.
  • View, save and submit your patient’s ECG through
  • Consult with a cardiologist.

CardioPet ECG Plans Detail Sheet (CAD)

For more information on CardioPet ECG Plans and the CardioPet ECG device, contact your IDEXX Telemedicine Consultant today at +1-800-726-1212 or send us an email.


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