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IDEXX Diagnostic Imaging Solutions

Unmatched diagnostic image quality at a low dose of radiation, only from IDEXX

  • Enhanced workflow
  • Software integration
  • Designed for veterinarians
  • 24/7 support
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Choose the right IDEXX diagnostic imaging solution for your practice

IDEXX Web PACS Software displayed on a laptop
IDEXX Web PACS Software

Fully integrated diagnostic imaging platform optimizes sharing, consulting, and storage.
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ImageVue DR50 Digital Imaging System
ImageVue DR50 Digital Imaging System

The lowest dose digital radiography system and most advanced digital imaging technology in veterinary medicine. Learn more.

ImageVue DR30 Digital Imaging System
ImageVue DR30 Digital Imaging System

A great choice when upgrading to advanced, low-dose digital radiography, to capture high-quality diagnostic images at an incredible value. 
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Low-dose radiation never looked so good

Unmatched image quality
  • Optimizes image quality and radiation dose
  • ClearCapture Dx Image Processing Software, specifically designed for veterinary imaging
  • Consistent, high-quality diagnostic images for all small companion-animal breeds, sizes, and anatomical regions
Advanced image enhancement capabilities
  • Enables faster and more accurate diagnoses
  • Automatic image hanging protocols, with measure, label, and annotation tools 
  • Advanced sharing with reference image library and interactive collaboration 
Important details, fewer adjustments
  • Save time by reviewing one image with two contrast settings
  • Help reduce radiation exposure for staff without the need for additional images or increased dose
  • Enhanced Image Processing, only from IDEXX

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Make your practice safer with reduced radiation exposure.

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Sharing diagnostic-quality images is easy

IDEXX Web PACS Software makes it easy to show clients what diagnostic images reveal about their pet’s health. Simply access your images anytime via the cloud and share them on screen or via email.

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Veterinarians using IDEXX Web PACS on a tablet

Integrations that streamline workflows

Use your leading practice management software to enter patient information once and capture charges the moment you request images.

Diagnostic imaging remote support specialist

Direct access to specialists and IDEXX-exclusive tools

Extensive 24/7 remote and on-site support, including installation professionals, veterinary radiologists, and IDEXX Telemedicine Consultants. Access radiation safety resources that include customized technique charts for your practice and patients.

Which digital imaging system is right for your practice?

See how your needs align with each ImageVue system



Wireless capture from anywhere in the practice



Ideal for specialty, referral, or emergency practices



Currently using computed radiography, less advanced DR technology, or film



Not satisfied with soft tissue imaging from current system



Practice management software integration and secure cloud storage via IDEXX Web PACS Software



Low-dose radiation for veterinarians and staff



(lowest on market)

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Why choose an IDEXX diagnostic imaging solution?
  • Unmatched diagnostic image quality, at a low dose of radiation
  • Optimal image sharing, consulting, and storage
  • Integration with leading practice management software
  • Direct and immediate access to specialists