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Our educational offerings are part of an ongoing commitment to our customers to help you grow professionally and personally through online training, live webinars, and industry news articles.
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NEW! IDEXX Tecta: Automation in Water Microbiology
IDEXX Tecta, the newest addition to IDEXX's innovative product portfolio, is a self-contained, automated microbiology testing system. Incorporating IDEXX Tecta into your lab gives you the flexibility to do more. Be more responsive in emergencies, increase your testing offerings, deal with non-routine workflows, and deliver accurate results when and where stakeholders need them. 

NEW! Testing for Enterococci with the Enterolert Test
This course provides background on why testing for enterococci is important for public health, reviews different testing methods, and provides guidance on using the Enterolert test. 

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Regulatory 101: U.S. Water Regulations
Thursday, June 22 1-2 PM EDT

Join Patsy Root, Senior Manager, Government Affairs at IDEXX Water, as she provides an overview of the EPA, discusses key regulations for drinking water and wastewater, and walks through the EPA’s regulatory process. Patsy will also cover the EPA public comment period and explain how and why you should be involved in the process. This session also includes time for questions and answers about regulatory issues.

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 Ask An Expert: Coliforms and E. coli Testing 
Thursday, July 27 1-2 PM EDT

Do you have questions about coliforms and E. coli testing? Whether you are testing for drinking water, wastewater or source water, our Senior Scientist Shawn Dubois will answer your technical questions and share best practices that he has learned from his 21 years working with customers both in the field and in the lab. Come prepared with your questions in this interactive session where Shawn will answer your questions live after brief presentation on testing for coliforms and E. coli.

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Recent featured articles
  • City's Recreational Water Quality Monitoring Transformed by Tech
    Twenty years ago, poor water quality made swimming an uninviting prospect at Lake Ontario's northeastern edge in Kingston, Ontario. Wastewater overflows in the small industrial city's combined sewer system regularly prompted complaints from residents. Today, it's a much different story. 
  • Your lab's quality assurance plan: Essential Elements
    Your lab's quality control and qualkity assurance plans are two foundational elements of assuring the reliability of your lab. Do you have these essential elements included in your plan? 
  • Topping up groundwater increases testing needs
    To make up for increased dry years, regions around the world that typically source drinking water from rivers and other surfaces are topping up groundwater to recharge aquifers. 

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