IDEXX VetLab Analyzer Resource Library

Welcome to the IDEXX VetLab Analyzer Resource Library. Here, you'll have access to some of the most informative technical documents for your analyzers—all in one fast and easy-to-use online location.  In the library, you'll find links to the following:

  • Operator's guides
  • Sample preparation posters
  • Other how-to documents
  • Online learning opportunities that are available at the IDEXX Learning Center

To view the resources for each analyzer, simply click the analyzer name. Then, click the document or online learning option that you wish to view.

Product demonstration

Learn how to run a SNAP test using the SNAP Pro Analyzer. You can begin your SNAP test run from the SNAP Pro Analyzer, the Cornerstone software, or the IDEXX VetLab Station.

Setup & installation

Learn how to install the SNAP Pro Analyzer in your practice.

Replace the router

Learn how to replace an existing IDEXX VetLab Station's wired router with a new, wireless router.

Clean the analyzer

Learn the proper techniques for cleaning the outside of the SNAP Pro Analyzer as well as its base and internal reflectors.