VetConnect PLUS Application Resources

Can’t find your password?

Ask your practice’s VetConnect PLUS administrator to give it to you.

Is everyone sharing the same username and password?

Have your practice’s VetConnect PLUS administrator easily add new members. Watch this video to see how.


Need to reset your team’s credentials?

Watch this video to see how.

Caution: If you share the same password as others in your practice, this will reset it for them, too. So make sure you alert your team members about this.

For security reasons, we recommend creating a separate username and password for each member of your staff.


If no one in your practice knows your password, give us a call: 1-800-667-3411

Mobile app resources

How do I know I received the newest version of the VetConnect PLUS mobile app?

There are two ways to distinguish the newest version of the VetConnect PLUS mobile app. Firstly, the icon for the app is now a turquoise plus sign instead of maroon. Secondly, the interface and functionality of the app has been overhauled. When signing in for the first time, a “What’s New” pop-up will appear. Please review this pop-up for a quick walk-through of all the new and exciting features.

Which Android and iOS versions are compatible with the new VetConnect mobile app?

  • iOS version 9 and later
  • Android version 5.0 and later

My VetConnect PLUS mobile app signed me out when it upgraded. Can I use any username?

Due to security measures in place, the upgrade to the newest version of the VetConnect PLUS mobile app requires you to sign in again. Use your current VetConnect PLUS username and password to sign back in.

If you are not sure of your current username or need to create a new username, your practice VetConnect PLUS administrator can add and maintain users via the VetConnect PLUS Account Administration page at, or you can call IDEXX Customer and Technical Support at +1-800-667-3411 to help you through the process.

Password reset: It’s important to note that some usernames/passwords may have been used to also sign in to a practice information management system (PIMS) and/or IDEXX VetLab Station connection. Resetting a password requires that the password used for PIMS/IDEXX VetLab Station integration is reset as well. If it is not, the VetConnect PLUS connection to these services will be interrupted.

Is the new VetConnect PLUS mobile app compatible with an iPad or tablet?

While the app can be downloaded on an iPad and an Android tablet, it will display as a phone-sized app; the mobile app has not been configured for full iPad and tablet compatibility.

I heard there was a new VetConnect PLUS mobile app, but my device never upgraded? 

The new VetConnect PLUS mobile app is being released in phases to ensure the best possible customer experience. Due to this phased rollout, you and your colleagues may find that your apps update at different times. We intend to complete the rollout by November 1, 2021.

General resources

IDEXX VetConnect PLUS Online Services User Guide

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