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Whole-slide digital cytology interpretation in 2 hours or less 24/7/365

Timely and accurate cytological interpretation is a critical first step toward rapid case management and an enhanced client experience.
  • Scan and transmit high-resolution whole-slide images directly to IDEXX Reference Laboratories.
  • Access a global network of veterinary clinical pathologists.
  • Review cytology results with images, provided exclusively via VetConnect PLUS, alongside other diagnostic results for a comprehensive view of your patient.
  • Discuss your case with an IDEXX pathologist 24/7/365.
  • Consult the pathologist dedicated to working on your case directly by phone and email.

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A computer, phone, and watch showing the VetConnect PLUS application.

Experience efficiency and flexibility with go-to diagnostic resources.

VetConnect PLUS is the online tool that offers the features you need for fast, effective clinical decision-making
  • Access differential diagnoses to help interpret results and determine next steps.
  • Spot trends and abnormalities with at-a-glance patient historical results.
  • Improve client communications and increase compliance.
  • Stay up-to-date, save time, and reduce errors.

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