Cornerstone software

Cornerstone Support

A customised plan for your practice

We’ll work with you to make sure you have the right level of support to fit your business needs. No more, no less

Instant access to the latest features

Software updates are sent directly to your Cornerstone server, ready to install without a DVD.

Expert help when and how you need it

Your Cornerstone specialists are available by phone, live chat or email. And remote access brings our technicians right to your screen.

Software Support

For practices that only want the basics
  • Cornerstone Software updates
  • Cornerstone electronic release training
  • Cornerstone software direct-to-technician telephone support
  • Chat & email support
  • Remote access available during business hours
  • Online support at

System Support

For practices that want the peace of mind that comes from having expert support for both software and hardware.
  • All benefits included with Software Support
  • Over-the-phone and remote access installation guidance, configuration and troubleshooting support for IDEXX-certified products
  • Limited phone support for non-IDEXX-certified products
  • Virus or malware verification (removal not included?
  • Dispatch of hardware service by original manufacturer for IDEXX-certified Dell products under Dell warranty
  • Hardware Guardian Service (option)

Sentry Support

Our highest level of support, Cornerstone Sentry provides a quarterly network assessment to deliver proactive system protection.
  • All benefits included with Software and System Support
  • Verification of IDEXX-certified backup software and review of error logs
  • Review of IDEXX-certified anti-virus subscription status and error logs
  • General review of system error logs to identify potential issues
  • Verification of database size, log file size, image size
  • 24 hour on-call support coverage for critical Cornerstone Software or IDEXX-certified hardware issues
  • Hardware Guardian Service (option)

Hardware Guardian Service

A protection plan for your Cornerstone hardware. Available for System and Sentry Support customers only.
  • Reduce hardware interruptions and downtime
  • Provides functionally equivalent loan or replacement equipment in the event your equipment cannot be repaired onsite
  • Includes expedited shipping of loan or replacement equipment
  • Installation for loan or replaced equipment will be completed via remote access support and telephone

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