SNAP Giardia Test

Find and treat more Giardia cases

Efficiently comply with Companion Animal Parasite Council recommendations to test symptomatic dogs and cats with a combination of direct smear, fecal flotation with centrifugation, and a sensitive, specific fecal ELISA.

SNAP tests provide reference laboratory quality technology for superior diagnostic accuracy at the point of care.

Automatically activate SNAP tests to save time and improve work flow with the SNAP Pro Analyzer.

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Diagnose Giardia infections in canine and feline patients


Use the SNAP Giardia Test to identify the presence of Giardia in dogs and cats as an adjunct to a fecal flotation. The SNAP Giardia Test is the first USDA-approved in-house rapid assay for the detection of soluble Giardia antigen. It has been shown to find up to three times more Giardia-positive animals than using traditional microscope methods.1

The Companion Animal Parasite Council (CAPC) recommends testing symptomatic (intermittently or consistently diarrheic) dogs and cats with a combination of direct smear, fecal flotation with centrifugation, and a sensitive, specific fecal ELISA optimised for use in companion animals.2


One SNAP can change everything

Watch how SNAP technology delivers superior diagnostic accuracy – and see what you may sacrifice when you use a test without it.

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The IDEXX SNAP Giardia Test provides sensitive and specific detection of Giardia antigen in dogs


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