SNAP Feline proBNP Test

Quickly assess cats with cardiac risk factors

Test apparently healthy cats considered at risk for cardiac disease (murmur, breed, history), and any cats with respiratory signs to help rule out cardiac causes, and adult cats prior to anesthesia.

Recommend follow-up diagnostics with confidence by measuring the most stable cardiac biomarker, NT-proBNP.

SNAP tests provide reference laboratory quality technology for superior diagnostic accuracy at the point of care.

Automatically activate SNAP tests to save time and improve work flow with the SNAP Pro Analyzer.

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Learn more about your patients’ heart health

Cardiac disease

Assess cats at risk for cardiac disease quickly and easily. The test measures NT-proBNP – an indicator of stretch and stress on the myocardium.

Watch as Sonya Gordon, DVM, DVSc, DACVIM (Cardiology) discusses the SNAP Feline proBNP Test.



One SNAP can change everything

Watch how SNAP technology delivers superior diagnostic accuracy – and see what you may sacrifice when you use a test without it.


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