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Seamlessly integrate SDMA into your practice.

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Resources for practice managers
How to incorporate SDMA in 4 easy steps—from workflow to staff training.


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Step 01: Put it in your PIMS

Your PIMS is the key to success with any protocol change. Getting it set up correctly will ensure a seamless transition. Tests will get ordered correctly, results will be integrated, and charges will be captured.

Add SDMA to your chemistry profiles by adjusting your PIMS codes to say Catalyst Chem 18. That way SDMA will be included in the overall cost of your chemistry profile instead of showing up as a single line item on your client’s invoice.

Step 02: Update your ordering process.

Include SDMA with every chemistry profile for a complete view of your patients' kidney health.
Order SDMA alongside your chemistry profiles.

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Step 3: Set your staff up for success

Your team can master SDMA testing in their own time with these quick, on-demand sessions that are available on any device. 

GFR increases or decreases based on pressure and the health of the glomerulus.

Understanding Glomerular Filtration Rate and Current Renal Biomarkers

40 to 70 percent more preventive care profiles demanded follow-up when the IDEXX SDMA Test was included.

How to Incorporate Early Functional Kidney Markers into All Patient Evaluations

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Best Practices for Diagnosing and Staging Chronic Kidney Disease in Cats and Dogs.

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Dazzle: Using the IDEXX SDMA Algorithm to Investigate an Increased SDMA

Learn how to run SDMA on the Catalyst One and Catalyst Dx chemistry analysers

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Step 4: Talk with your clients

Talking with your clients is a great way to help them understand the importance
of kidney health. Here’s a short discussion guide to get things started.


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Why is kidney health important? 🤔

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Kidneys play a key role in lots of important systems, like the heart, brain, and gut. They help with everything from blood pressure, red blood cell production, hormone levels, and elimination of waste. Healthy kidneys are vital to your pet’s health. 😊🐶🐱

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What does it mean to “stage” kidney disease? 😯

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That’s a term we use for assessing the level of severity in both acute and chronic kidney disease. This allows veterinarians and pet owners to take the most appropriate steps and chart a tailored course of treatment with the goal of slowing the progression of kidney disease. 🤗

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Why is increased SDMA important even if everything else is normal? 😕

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SDMA can often identify changes in kidney function before other testing methods will. This allows veterinarians to recognize disease earlier and owners to be better informed, which is the first step for improving long-term outcomes. 😄


Two options: same reliable results

The in-house Catalyst SDMA Test, with multiple SDMA-inclusive profiles to meet your patient and practice needs.

The IDEXX SDMA Test, included with every chemistry panel or as a stand-alone test from IDEXX Reference Laboratories.


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Note: SDMA is symmetric dimethylarginine.