Pathologist review criteria

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Review criteria


If one or more of the following criteria are met following a complete blood count and technologist slide (or blood film) review, the sample is forwarded to the pathologist for review:
  1. Any immature lymphocytic cells or blasts
  2. Absolute lymphocyte count >11.0 x 10E9/L in Feline over 1 year
  3. Absolute lymphocyte count >6.0 x 10E9/L in Canine over 1 year
  4. Nucleated erythrocytes (NRBCs) >50 per 100 WBCs
  5. NRBCs less mature than metarubricyte
  6. Presence of NRBCs without polychromasia if >20 per 100 WBCs
  7. Presence of NRBC in the Equine
  8. Feline samples with the suspected presence of Hemotropic Mycoplasma spp. with two or more of the following:
    a) Hct < 0.18
    b) RBC count <3.00 x 10E12/L
    c) Polychromasia (regeneration)
  9. Canine samples with the suspected presence of Hemotropic Mycoplasma spp.
  10. Presence of questionable blood parasite inclusions including: Distemper Virus, Anaplasma spp., Ehrlichia spp., Plasmodium, Hemoproteus, Leucocytozoon, Microfilaria and Hemotropic Mycoplasma spp. (see item 8 above), and Babesia spp.
  11. Feline WBC >50 X 10E9/L
  12. Canine WBC >50 X 10E9/L
  13. Equine WBC >25 X 10E9/L
  14. Presence of Pelger-Huet anomaly
  15. Any unclassified cells, including mast cells
  16. Presence of ANY Heinz bodies in the Canine. Heinz bodies are verified and enumerated using the New Methylene Blue (NMB) stain.
  17. Presence of eccentrocytes. Eccentrocytes are verified.
  18. Presence of spherocytes (Canine)
  19. Bacteria in the peripheral blood smear

Note: Any suspicious or unclear finding in the blood film, including questionable RBC, WBC or platelet inclusion identification when a second technologist and/or the senior technologist are not in agreement, may be referred to a pathologist.

Commitment to quality

All hematology assays are performed in accordance with the testing practices of the Canadian Veterinary Medical Association using only fully trained and well-qualified lab personnel. Laboratory processes, report review and result interpretation is overseen by the Canadian Medical Review Board, made up of a team of board-certified veterinary pathologists and other veterinary professionals.

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