IDEXX Preventive Care Resource Centre

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Use these resources to educate your clients and gain compliance.

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Before the visit

Educate your clients on the value of preventive care and set the expectation that diagnostic testing will be performed during a routine wellness visit.

Use social media for ongoing education

Ready-to-go posts to share on your practice’s social media channels as well as educational resources to deepen your social media expertise.


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During the visit

From the waiting room to the exam room, use these tools to educate clients on the value of your recommendations.
Preventive care brochure.

Preventive care brochure

Educate clients on the importance of their pet’s routine wellness visit and what to expect.

Parasite screening brochure.

Parasite screening brochure

Help clients understand how regular screening helps to protect their dogs and families.

Routine wellness testing poster.

Routine wellness testing poster

Educate on what you look at during a routine wellness visit and the tests that will be performed.

Preventive care age chart poster.

Age chart poster

Educate clients on the true age of their pet and the possibility of underlying diseases.

Three tick-borne disease handouts.

Tick-borne disease handouts

Inform your clients about the risks of tick-borne disease and encourage annual screenings.

Customizable protocol cards.

Customizable protocol cards

After you price for client compliance, use these cards to explain your testing protocols and show clients the pricing breakdown.

After the visit

Before calling with test results, prepare tools for follow-up conversations that help get your clients engaged and invested in regular preventive care screening.
Veterinarian with stethoscope holding striped cat.

Client communications with VetConnect PLUS

Send personalized client-friendly result summaries directly from the app.

Speak with an IDEXX Veterinary Diagnostic Consultant to learn more