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RealPCR AMPV A/B Multiplex RNA Mix

Avian Metapneumovirus

The RealPCR AMPV A/B Multiplex RNA Mix is used for the simultaneous (multiplexed) detection of RNA of Avian Metapneumovirus subtypes A and B using the modular IDEXX RealPCR platform. Samples can be run simultaneously with any other IDEXX RealPCR reagents using shared reagents and a single real-time PCR program.

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Test details


  • Identification of AMPV A and B RNA
  • Results in approximately 70 minutes

Part numbers and sizes

99-56487 (100 reactions)

Avian Metapneumovirus

Avian Metapneumovirus is the causative agent of respiratory disease and reproductive disorders in chicken and turkeys often referred to as Turkey Rhinotracheitis (TRT) or Swollen Head Syndrome (SHS). Wild birds (waterfowl) are considered natural reservoirs for the virus. Chickens and turkeys of all ages are susceptible to the virus. AMPV infections may result in direct economic losses and is often associated with dual or secondary infections leading to more severe disease. Diagnosis of AMPV is of key importance in controlling the disease at flock level by vaccination and biosecurity measures.

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