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Find education and training resources for your entire staff as well as a wealth of pet owner information for more effective client education and communications.

Staff Training & Education

IDEXX Learning Center

The IDEXX Learning Center (U.S.) offers an array of continuing education opportunities for you and your staff including on-demand learning, live webinars, protocol implementation tools, conferences and seminars. Earn CE credits, manage your staff's progress and learn the right skills at the right time for you.

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Knowledge you can put into practice

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Knowledge you can put into practice

Learn how and why Coral Springs Animal Hospital in Coral Springs, Florida, uses the IDEXX Learning Center (U.S.).

STEPs—Simple Tools for Effective Protocols
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With staff training, protocol implementation guidelines and client education materials, STEPs—Simple Tools for Effective Protocols (U.S.) helps new processes become habits and takes the pain out of practice improvement.

Client Education

Pet Health Network

Pet Health Network is dedicated to providing veterinary practices easy, engaging and trustworthy resources for your clients to ensure every four-legged family member enjoys the longest, healthiest and happiest life possible.

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Featured Topics

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5 Reasons To Test For Diabetes

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Is your cat secretly sick?

Many pet parents assume that the signs of a sick cat would be obvious. Dispel that dangerous assumption by sharing these 10 common and unexpected signs of illness in cats.