Free UA Day is coming to your clinic

April 12, 2018*


As a Very Important Practice, you have an exclusive chance to get a more complete view of your patients’ health, free of charge. On our last Free UA Day, we found that 36% of urine sediment analyses had abnormal findings. Let’s see what you find. It's easy.

  1. You are enrolled automatically.
  2. On April 12, 2018*, run as many urine sediment analyses as you want.
  3. Complete the patient log sheets and submit them to IDEXX.

Introducing Neural Network 3.0

We’ve made enhancements—all designed to boost your decision-making confidence. The upgrade is based on a database of 70 million patient-generated images.
Improved diagnoses

Improved diagnoses with more definitive and actionable information on the degrees of hematuria and pyuria with the quantification of RBSs and WBCs.

More precise bacteria detection

More precise bacteria detection through reduced interference from artifacts and debris.

Streamlined work flows

Streamlined work flows with a 40% reduction in dilution flags.

Higher specificity and improved insights

Higher specificity and improved insights into the clinical significance of crystalluria by differntiating crystal types from various forms of crystalline debris.

Better diagnostic potential

Better diagnostic potential with “suspect crystalluria” notification when crystals are present in low numbers.

Note: All software was updated on February 27.

Spread the word to your clients

The more clients that hear about Free UA Day, the more potential urine sediment analyses you can run.

Questions? Email us at

*Or the date agreed upon with your Veterinary Diagnostic Consultant during the person of April 9-13, 2018

†Patient log sheets are not required to receive free urine desiment analyses.

‡Suggested language for a Facebook post
"Did you know that urinalysis can give us a broad and powerful overview of your pet’s health? Come discover the benefits for yourself on Urinalysis Day—April 12, 2018, at [practice name]. Call for more information or to schedule an appointment."